Orange Dahlia



I'm so glad we hired Amanda to be our doula! My family and I absolutely adore her! She's personable and such a comfort to have around. When searching for a doula, I knew I wanted someone that I could be real with and that would be real with me; someone who knew all the comfort techniques but that could also adapt to supporting me in other ways, like giving me privacy or helping with keeping the older kids out of my birth space. We planned a very unconventional home birth but she was always so supportive and trusted in me. I'm also really weird about who I allow in my birth space and never once did I have any reservations about her being there; I felt so comfortable with her. Her vibe was always so reassuring and we even shared some tears along the way. I went in looking for a doula and came out with a friend. If you hire Amanda, you won't be disappointed.

Brittany B-T.

I am so fortunate and grateful to have had Amanda as my doula for the birth of my daughter. Throughout the process - from our first meeting, to home visits, to all hours of the day texts, to my labor and birth itself, and then in the weeks after - I felt completely informed, cared for, and supported. She took time to get to know me and my husband; helped us develop a birth plan that felt right to us; and gave us the tools and preparation we needed to feel ready for the big day. At the hospital, Amanda was amazing. Having her there through the grueling 56 hours prior to my daughter's arrival made all the difference and I'm certain I wouldn't have lasted half as long had she not been there. I would (and have) highly recommend Amanda to any of my loved ones.

Jamie S.

I was lucky enough to have Amanda as my doula. The first time we met to discuss what I wanted out of pregnancy and birth I immediately felt at ease. Having had my first two children induced and an epidural, I wanted to have a natural water birth. We wrote out a birthing plan and spent my entire pregnancy working to make it everything I dreamed, from the playlist to the lighting. Amanda was blessed with her pregnancy during mine and we got to share the experience together. Unfortunately, I had complications one day before my due date, and I lost most of my amniotic fluid and was sent for immediate induction. Amanda raced to the hospital, six months pregnant, and proceeded to spend the next 24 hours being my advocate to avoid unnecessary intervention. She went toe to toe with the nurses and doctors to get me in the labor whirlpool because she knew that, of my whole birth plan, that was the second most important thing short of everyone being healthy. Without her I would have caved for the epidural after my birth went off track. She helped me so much that I was able to go the whole 24 hours of labor without anesthesia or narcotics. She held my hand as I struggled to breastfeed, even donating some of her own milk. She folded cloth diapers and  played with my oldest. Amanda was such a huge contribution to making my pregnancy and birth enjoyable and as close to what I wanted as possible. I would highly, highly recommend Amanda (and already have!) and we love her so much!

Diomira L.

I wish I could make this review easy to read and describe Amanda using one word but she is so much more than that. Amanda is amiable, affectionate, and definitely adaptable! I met Amanda the day I was in labor and we instantly connected and I honestly could not have done it without her guidance and support. I had a home water birth that lasted over 18 hours and Amanda was there throughout most of that time. She came to my house before I even asked her to just to check on me and then hours later, in the middle of the night, she rushed back over to be by my side. She spent the entire night with my boyfriend and I, providing us with her support! She came well prepared with her own supplies (towels, oils, snacks, etc) to use. Her supplies, techniques and knowledge not only helped us through labor and birth but she continues to be a phone call away! I am so beyond grateful that I found Amanda and would definitely recommend her.

Kimberly L.

Amanda was literally my rock, my partner, and my confidant through pregnancy and most importantly during labor. I was blessed to meet her early on in my pregnancy and right away she confidently helped to guide me in imagining my ideal birth. She helped me to envision that and encouraged me to know that I was capable of making it happen. She not only provided care during my birth but prenatally as well. Emotionally, physically, mentally, all of it. I feel so grateful to have had such a passionate, loving, birth-baby-mama advocate by my side. She rocked labor WITH me! If it weren't for her and her encouragement I don't think I would have ended up with the natural birth that I hoped for. I am so grateful to Amanda for guiding me in transforming from maiden to mother. I am forever grateful for her hard work, endless double hip squeezes during my intense back labor, nurturing me when needed, answering every text and update, and for encouraging me when I didn't think I could do it anymore during my long labor. When I think about becoming a mother, Amanda's face shows up, not only because she was my doula but because she became part of my tribe, a sister from another mister, and a life-long friend and confidant. Amanda inspired me so much so that I started focusing on my own passion for babies and birth and became a certified birth doula myself. This journey was so amazing to go through alongside Amanda. I adore her endlessly and would most definitely recommend her and her services to every mama-to-be.

Chelsi B.