- What I Offer -

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Prenatal Support

After the initial free consultation, I offer three prenatal visits to get to know each other and discuss the specific wants and needs of you and your family. I provide informational and educational support to help you navigate all of your options and provide the tools necessary to help you make informed decisions. I assist in birth planning and helping you feel prepared and empowered about this next stage of your life. I am always available to you via email/text/phone for additional support and to answer questions

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Birth/Labor Support

Starting at 37 weeks I will be on call 24/7 for your labor and will join you at your designated birthing place as soon as you are ready for me to come. I will remain with you throughout your entire labor and birth and will offer continuous emotional and physical support to you and your birthing partners. I will bring and utilize tools & techniques to help you cope with the sensations of labor including (but not limited to) aromatherapy, massage, acupressure, rebozo (woven wrap) techniques, birthing ball, counter pressure, and intentional movement.

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Postpartum Support

I remain with you in your immediate postpartum period to help you and your family in this important transition. I adapt to the situation as necessary and can assist with initial breast/chest feeding if applicable. I provide two additional postpartum visits at your home where I can provide support to you and your family in whatever way is needed. This may include, light cleaning, cooking, additional breast/chest feeding support, helping care for older children, and emotional support. Additional postpartum visits may be scheduled.

*Postpartum support services are also available separate from Birth Doula services.