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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are Doula services provided?

Prenatal and postpartum services are most often provided in the client's home. Some postpartum services may be provided in hospital/birthing center. Labor & Birth services are provided at the client's chosen birth place, whether that be at home, in hospital, or at a birthing center.

Does a Doula provide medical care?

Doulas do not provide medical care or perform clinical tasks and do not take the place of a regular care provider such as a midwife or obstetrician. Doulas do provide educational, emotional, and physical support throughout pregnancy and birth as well as in the postpartum period.

Does a Doula replace nursing staff?

When attending a birth in a hospital, doulas do not replace nursing staff. Nursing staff perform clinical tasks such as fetal and maternal monitoring, cervical checks, administering fluids, etc. Nurses work for the hospital whereas Doulas work directly for the birthing person. Doulas provide emotional and physical support during the labor process to assist in coping with the sensations of labor and empower birthing persons and their families to advocate for themselves.

What kind of postpartum support do Doulas offer?

The type of postpartum support Doulas offer depends on the situation and the family we are assisting. Doulas adapt to the specific situation and provide support where it is needed. This includes but is not limited to, breast/chest feeding assistance, helping care for older children, light housework, cooking, continued emotional support, answering questions, etc. We may also recommend additional postpartum support in the form of lactation consultants, physical therapists, etc.

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